MITIC DUSAN, Professor PhD

MITIC DUSAN, Professor PhD


MITIC DUSAN, Professor PhD

Professor PhD. Dusan Mitic is head of the Department of Recreation at Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Belgrade, Serbia.

Born in 1956. in Veliko Gradiste. Elementary and high school finished in Kraljevo, Serbia. He graduated in 1980., MA in 1991. and Ph.D. 1996. on Faculty of Physical Education, University of Belgrade, where he works since 1983.

In addition to the parent, he works as a Faculty lecturer for recreational, fitness, animation and sports tourism on several domestic and foreign universities.

Particularly interested in modeling incitement to physical activity, motivation, and promotion of physical activity and healty life style. Together with the students working on generating and testing new models to encourage and monitor the effects of physical activity.

He is the author of Recreation handbook, Monography Animator in tourism, several manuals for various forms of teaching practice students in the field of recreation. Author and co-author of over 150 papers presented at scientific meetings-congresses-journals of international and national importance.

Organizer and administrator of several international scientific conferences.

Member of the editorial board and reviewer of several national and international journals

Chairman of the Expert Committee and member of the Presidium of the Association of Sports for All Serbia

President of the Association of recreation professionals Belgrade

Presidium member of the Olympic Committee of Serbia

Corresponding member of the European Academy of Sciences in Vienna

Member of the National Education Council of Serbia.